Sharing your budget, building trust

Having been in business for 21 years, we’ve had some very interesting conversations around the issue of budgets and why potential clients are not always keen to share them.

Why won’t you share?

Maybe you feel anxious that if you disclose your budget you might be taken advantage of. But is that a good way to begin a relationship with your designer?

As designers we have worked and crafted our skills and expertise over a number of years and what we’re looking for are relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

Our existing long-lasting relationships and strong portfolios have been built up over years and this could not have been achieved if our only motivation was profit.

So here’s why we think it’s time to be honest about your budgets.

1. It saves TIME

Being honest about your budget will allow your designers to have a better sense of the scope of the project and what is possible within your budget.

2. It will ensure you work with the RIGHT agency

Being upfront about your budget will ensure you work with the designer that is the right fit for you and your organisation.

3. It allows for FLEXIBILITY

If you are not able to provide a set budget, then providing your designer with a budget range will allow for more flexibility. Designers will be able to adapt their approach to meet your needs and still stay within your budget.

4. It encourages TRUST and COLLABORATION

Most designers do not provide template designs and so do not have template costs and proposals. Every client is different and every client has their own requirements for a given project and design requirements and timescales can vary enormously, even for the same type of project.

So, if you really want to work collaboratively with the right design agency for you, be HONEST about your budget.

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