3 more tips on design

Don’t worry I didn’t forget! As promised here are some more tips on design for you. I hope you find them useful.

Tip 1 – Pushing the brand guidelines

Don’t be afraid to push boundaries. Brand guidelines are there as a guide, but equally you want your designers to think outside the box. Allow your designers to be creative so you can see some fresh work. Afterall, if the designs are way out, you can always pull them back. 

Tip 2 – Grid layout

If you are doing the design in-house, make sure the page layout grid is set out correctly so your copy, photos, and other graphic elements can sit nicely in the space. Pay particular attention to key elements that you want to highlight so readers can be enthused and engaged.

Tip 3 – Audience

It sounds obvious but don’t forget to research and know all about your target audience. This will inform and influence the designs of your publications. 

Short and sweet but I hope these tips help. If you missed my first 3 tips here’s the link.

Parminder Kalsi, Marketing Manager.  

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