6 tips to get you design-inspired

The biggest challenge facing most organisations is likely to be how to cut through the noise, build stronger connections with stakeholders and stand out from the crowd, even more so now when digital communications have become the norm.

Here are six tips to get you design-inspired.

1. Extract the best from your brand

It’s never been more important to make sure your audience knows why your organisation matters and this starts with your brand. Market leaders are distilling their brands down to its purest essence. Consider streamlining your core assets to ensure your brand puts its best foot forward.

King’s College Hospital Charity Annual Report and Financial Statements 2019/2020.

2. Be brave with colours

If you want to appear relevant and contemporary, consider being bolder with your colour choices. New tones are fresh. They will enhance your brand personality.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Infographics.

3. Animate your communications

Why not commission animated illustrations to help differentiate your organisation from the competition? It is a smart way to be unique – colourful illustrations and infographics will chime well with your audiences.

Nim Design - Multiple Sclerosis International Federation - Animation

Watch our Multiple Sclerosis International Federation Low self-esteem animation here.

4. Make it personal

Digital is here to stay but you need to assess what is right for your audience. Some people appreciate receiving something personal and tactile. You might want to complement your digital publication with a truly memorable printed piece too.

AllSfär 2020 catalogue in print and digital media.

5. Bend the rules

To keep things fresh you’ll need to be flexible and agile, and occasionally this may mean bending a rule or two. Brand guidelines are just that – guidelines – so don’t be utterly bound by them. Enhancing your brand with additional new colours or fonts is an excellent way to breathe new life into your visual identity without having to start from scratch.

A spread from the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution refreshed brand guidelines.

6. Be authentic

Your visual brand will only connect if it’s a true reflection of your mission and values, so be authentic. As audiences increasingly search for brands that are ethical as well as inspiring, honesty and openness have never been more valued.

A spread from Safe Child Thailand Annual Review 2017-18.

Only work with the best

Engaging consultants could be an excellent way to import new skills and ideas into your organisation, but choose carefully. If you embark on a major project, such as an annual review, you’ll be interacting with your designers on a daily basis so engage people who match your working style. Search out like-minded partners with a similar ethical approach – as well as suitable skills and experience – before you make your final decision.

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