Chain of Hope Annual Review 2017

Chain of Hope Annual Review 2017

Chain of Hope

Annual Review 2017

Chain of Hope links experts together around the world to bring life-saving heart treatments to children in developing and war-torn countries.

Our brief was to produce an Annual Review which provided information about the charity’s training and development, infrastructure projects and fundraising as well as to acknowledge the people who contribute time and expertise to advance the charity’s objectives.

This is a lot of information for one publication so we pulled together a team to brainstorm our approach and to develop a clear structure for the content. We injected dynamism into the layout with a distinctive colour palette, creative use of fonts, lively imagery and bespoke infographics. To avoid the spreads looking ‘samey’ we gave different designers separate sections, with a brief to follow agreed guidelines.

The result is a vibrant publication, packed with information, stories, pictures and data which communicates the energy and drive of this international charity.

Chain of Hope: Our Values
Chain of Hope: Mending Little Hearts
Chain of Hope: Our Global Reach
Chain of Hope: Missions Overseas
Chain of Hope: Mission Focus
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