Annual Review

Certitude provides support to people with learning disabilities, mental health needs and autism.

The client briefed us to create a report which would illustrate Certitude’s mission to enable ‘everyone to lead a good life’. Our chosen theme of ‘inspiring people’ helped us shine a light on the achievements of everyone connected with the organisation. We identified eight positive keywords which unpinned this inspirational approach and used them to bring a focus to each story-spread.

We commissioned lifestyle photography to place each story in context and combined it with short punchy copy – mainly quotes – to reinforce the meaning of each inspirational keyword. The fresh, modern colour palette gives the report a contemporary feel and the A5 landscape format enabled us to make good use of the engaging imagery.

The result is an upbeat, lively publication which strengthens Certitude’s brand by communicating the achievements of people it supports and employs.

Our clients tell us we are friendly and approachable; we say we’re always on the end of a phone for a chat. So why not give us a call? 020 8426 6888