Challenging times call for agile marketing; 5 tips to see out 2022

For marketers, finding the best way to communicate with audiences is a challenge right now. Geo-political challenges, economic turbulence and here in the UK at least, the end of a royal era, mean that the status quo is under threat. To add to this complexity, as we head into autumn, cost of living pressures are creating a squeeze on marketing budgets.

These changing times require agility from professional communicators and success will be more likely if you have a strong team alongside. More than ever, you will need intuitive designers and copywriters with the ‘smarts’ to understand your organisation, the emotional intelligence to empathise with stakeholders and the courage to challenge the way things are usually done.

If you are managing a design project (from an annual review, fundraising campaigns, brand identity or website) here are our five top tips to help you see out 2022.


Find designers who think strategically as well as visually; you’re going to need more than pretty pictures to engage distracted audiences in current circumstances.


Language is changing and the words we choose matter more than ever. Source a copywriter who understands current trends and shows an intuitive understanding of your audience and their concerns.


Whether you choose photography or illustration – your imagery says a lot about your organisation. Consider whether it reflects the people you represent and tells the full story about your organisation. People value authenticity, even if it means delivering the bad news alongside the good. 


Staying true to your brand is important but remember, brand guidelines are exactly that. So if you believe it is time to push the boundaries, have the courage of your convictions and drive for change.


When budgets are tight maximise your visual and written assets by sharing them across multiple platforms. Many components of your original materials can be repurposed for your website, social media platforms, direct mail and presentations.

About the author

Paula Scott is a senior communications, messaging and marketing consultant experienced in developing strategy and delivering programmes for commercial and not-for-profit organisations. She works in partnership with nim design on both in-house marketing and client-related projects.

Paula Scott

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