Check: does your design agency tick all the boxes?

So, you’ve selected the agency you would like to work with, what happens now?

In an ideal world, your design agency would complete your project exactly to your design brief; your materials would be delivered on time and of course, on budget! But is this the norm or a far cry from it?

We at nim design have our views on what creates a good working relationship between a client and their design agency.

Here are our top 5 essentials for that perfect relationship:

  1. You should be treated as an individual, which means taking the time to understand both the brand and the industry you operate in.
  2. Good communication throughout the design process is essential. You should always have the option of being able to speak directly to the designer working on your project. If the chain of communication is too long, important messages may be lost in translation.
  3. Design agencies that work in specific industries will naturally be specialists in those sectors. The agency will understand the market you are operating in and the type of communication that is right for the intended audience.
  4. Honest and transparent pricing. It is so disappointing when a budget is set for a specific project and the final invoice comes as a complete a shock. You should be notified of any additional costs as and when they occur.
  5. An understanding of the time required to complete a project, is crucial. Your design agency needs to be aware of your deadline and should provide you with a schedule for each stage of work to ensure it is met. If a project over-runs, it will result in more expense, bad feeling and disappointment….not a great place to be for either party.

We certainly live in a world where we are bombarded by marketing messages everyday.

Brands from all sectors are striving to get their individual personalities to shine through all the noise and in this overcrowded market, design agencies play a pivotal role in ensuring that their clients brand and marketing communications are delivered clearly and effectively to the intended audience.

To get one vital step ahead of the competition, it is a worthwhile task to ensure that the design agency you are working with does indeed tick all of the boxes.

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