Designs on us

Nim Design Lead, Lim Khaw, found it a challenge to be his “own client” when he embarked on a redesign of the company website.

I hope you like our new website. In all honesty it felt challenging to be our own client, to apply our own creative process to a project so close to our hearts. But I also know how important it is to keep digital platforms fresh so we bit the bullet and got on with it. The experience was a good reminder of what our clients go through every time they embark on a major design project.

A website is your organisation’s shop window, a statement about your approach and a visual representation of your brand. As such, creating one can feel like a series of almost impossible decisions; content, copy style, imagery, structure, what should and shouldn’t go on the home page? All have to be thought through. In the end, you just have to take a view and go for it.

Our old website had become dated and felt over complicated so the first job was to make it easier to navigate by simplifying the architecture and restructuring the content. Next we looked at the copy – both tone and content – and decided to give our commitment to working with ethically-minded organisations more emphasis. This has been reinforced with additional examples of our work and some detailed case studies.

Regular blogs and our blog archive are designed to give our contacts an insight into the way we think, a little peak behind the scenes at Nim HQ. This digital content also provides us with up to date material for our social media platforms as well as a search boost on Google.

This new website is now an honest reflection of our approach, our work and our people; have a good look around and let me know what you think.

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