Finding your creative inspiration

If you want to switch on your creative flare, we have come up with five top tips for you to get inspired:

1. Clear your mind

Take a walk, do some yoga, relax. Removing the clutter from your thoughts can help you unlock fresh ideas.

2. Try something new

Visit a gallery, listen to a different style of music or take up a new activity. Getting out of your comfort zone can boost your imagination.

3. Get your timing right

When do you usually get your best ideas? If you’re a morning person, there’s no point working late into the evening. A good night’s sleep is more likely to unblock your creativity.

4. Capture your thoughts

Our designers keep a notebook handy to jot down notes and ideas when they think of them. Tuck them away for when you really need them.

5. Be bold

Be brave with your ideas and don’t be shy about sharing them. Even if your idea isn’t the final answer, it may inspire others to reach it.

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