Frances Taylor Foundation



The Frances Taylor Foundation offers social care and support services to people with learning disabilities and older people.

To celebrate the strength and diversity of its work, the Foundation commissioned a publication to showcase stories of staff – and people supported – from different faiths and cultures. With an emphasis on equality and individual importance, the theme ‘in our own words’ was used on the front cover and throughout.

At the client’s request, we redeveloped some faceted graphic elements we had originally created for their 20th anniversary brochure and these colourful triangles have now become a distinctive part of the Frances Taylor Foundation’s brand.

We were delighted to deliver this project ahead of schedule and pleased to hear that it was well received by its varied audience of carers, support staff, family members and the people who use their services.

Our clients tell us we are friendly and approachable; we say we’re always on the end of a phone for a chat. So why not give us a call? 020 8426 6888