Going Digital with your Annual Report

Engage new audiences with a digital Annual Report

Digitalisation is changing the way people receive and read information. As a printed publication, your Annual Report will only reach individuals on your database, but with the emergence of new technology, this pivotal publication could be working much harder for your organisation. The marketing mantra “you need to be where your clients are” has never been more important and a digital approach also offers excellent solutions for people who are visually impaired or have a learning difficulty.

Print is not dead, and we’re not suggesting you replace your printed publication, but we do believe that an additional digital version could significantly increase your readership and help you connect more closely with audiences. In most cases, digital versions will allow you to measure exactly how people are interacting with your content so you can further refine marketing and communications to make them more personal.

Annual Reports are rarely read cover to cover and people increasingly demand their information in bitesized chunks. A digital version which can be accessed from your website, flagged up on social media and linked to pitches and presentations is a more interactive experience. It moves your readers from passive recipients to empowered participants.

They can take control of where and how they read your document and they might even choose to increase the font size, vary the contrast and or listen to audio clips.

With so much executive time and energy invested in it, your Annual Report or Review is so much more than a statutory document; it’s a key marketing tool. Now with a variety of digital options available – with a choice of price tags – you can really make the most of it.

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