Here’s to a kinder new year

As we welcome the new year and all the exciting possibilities it offers, I have been reflecting on how far nim design has come since our humble beginnings back in the 1990s. Right from the start, my goal was to establish a creative agency to support charities with more effective design. Our clients were small and we worked from a front room in my first home in Harrow.

More than twenty years later we now collaborate with national and global ethical organisations – although we continue to support smaller ones – and we are lucky enough to operate from a glorious Victorian old bank building in the heart of Harrow on the Hill. Throughout this journey our mission has been to apply great design to make a positive difference for organisations trying to make the world a better place.  

I believe at least some of our success comes from our commitment to building strong personal relationships with our clients. Being a small agency, we don’t have account handlers or project managers because we are very capable of working directly with clients to both understand their brief and translate it into something visually engaging.

Over the years our way of working has evolved as we and our clients have adapted to changing technology and the emergence of new communication channels. But, on the whole, we continue to focus on these core services: Annual ReportsInfographics and Digital and Print publications.

We are welcoming 2023 with optimism. Yes, the challenges around climate, the cost of living and geopolitics remain, but we also see evidence of a kinder society. Every single one of us can play a part. This year we are looking forward to working with some incredible organisations again as they endeavour to improve the lives of people who need the most support. 

Here’s to a happy and kind new year!

Lim Khaw, design lead
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