How to ensure a good working relationship with your designer

Establishing a positive relationship with your designer will not only help you achieve the best result from your project but will also make the whole experience more enjoyable!

With that in mind, here are some tips to take into account when working with your designers.

Be clear there is a personality match

Face-to-face meetings are essential, especially if you are working on a project together for the first time. Sitting in the same room with your prospective designer will help you establish if there is a good chemistry between you and ultimately whether this is someone you can and want to work with.

Be clear about the amount of creativity required and what you would like to achieve from the project from the start

Give your designer a clear direction if the project is to adhere to corporate guidelines or whether you are looking for a completely new fresh idea. It is vital to communicate what you are hoping to achieve from the start. The designer can only go according to your brief so make sure it as informative as possible. Meeting with your designer will allow you to discuss ideas and address any points in the brief that may need further clarification.

There will be certain types of projects that require sticking to corporate guidelines and others which allow for more creative flare, it is important to let your designer know and ensure they understand from the very beginning what is and what is not allowed. A good designer will know how to balance creative input with deadlines and strategic messaging but they will need information on each of the elements to ensure the project is successful.

Be clear about your deadlines

Be realistic about deadlines and stress to your designer which deadlines are non-negotiable so you are both working to a very clear timeframe. In order for the project to run smoothly and delivery of the final piece to be completed on time, both you and your designer will have to stick to the schedule or at the very least if delays are to occur, give as much advance notice as possible. Your designer should keep you clearly informed if there will be changes in delivery dates due to delays occurred in the original schedule set out and agreed by you both.

Be clear about your budget

If you do have a budget for the project, share that information with your designer because it helps focus thinking and sets boundaries.
Once an estimate is agreed and if costs look to go beyond those originally set out, your designer should forewarn you of the additional work and costs before carrying out further work so the final invoice is an agreed and acceptable amount.

Be clear about roles and appreciate your designer’s skills

Remember that the creative people you’ve hired are experts in their field, so allow them to get on with what you are paying them for! Whilst you will have a greater understanding of your organisation, your designer will know the most effective way to communicate your messages so work together to ensure you both use your strength to achieve the overall goal.

It is important for you to nurture relationships with everyone who is involved with your new project – this will improve the quality and efficiency of everyone’s work. Once a span working relationship is established, you will be better united in working towards the same goal.

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