John Lyon School Fundraising

The John Lyon School is one of the top 20 independent boys’ school in the country and is part of the Harrow School Foundation.

Situated just around the corner from our studio, this school is a close neighbour and very much part of our local community. We have been delighted to work with the school on a number of projects and on this occasion staff were looking to boost fundraising. The team wanted to communicate detailed information about how funds were spent and the benefits this delivered. We recommended that, rather than put these specifics into paragraphs of copy, they considered creating an infographic.

We kept to the school colours of blue and gold and originated some graphic icons to represent key elements such as money raised, tickets sold and goals scored. The result is a fun, dynamic and pleasing infographic which delivers a lot of information in a very digestible format. It presents a forward-facing image for this historic school while maintaining an appropriate tone of voice to encourage fundraising.