Introducing… Miguel

Originally from Portugal, Miguel recently joined Nim as a designer and has already impressed us with his fresh thinking, playful ideas and illustrative talents.
With a degree in communication design from the College of Art and Design in Portugal, Miguel,31, has a flair for designing books, greetings cards and posters. He is a talented illustrator in his own right and we are looking forward to introducing his artistic talents to our clients.

In turn Miguel tells us he will add an illustrative edge to our designs, while at the same time, learning from our clear, strategic and logical approach. Having previously worked on his own, Miguel says he’s ready to embrace our collaborative attitude and has already contributed to some lively creative debates!

It’s enlightening and fun to have a new member who brings diversity to the team and we’ve all been inspired by Miguel’s Portuguese design heroes – Infante do Carmo and Sebastião Rodrigues –who are best known for their stylish book covers and painterly illustrations.

For hobbies Miguel likes reading, listening to music, computer games and good food with friends. Although he wouldn’t count Portugal’s finest contribution to fast food in this category. He told us, “Nandos? I have been there once but I couldn’t find any Portuguese flavours – disappointing!”

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