Our values matter more than ever

By Lim Khaw, Design Lead

We are proud of what we’ve achieved for our clients so far this year and with most Covid-19 restrictions lifted, it feels like a good time to reflect and look forward.

Throughout the pandemic we’ve flexed our working practices while remaining consistent to our values. I believe our success is still founded in working with organisations that make a positive impact on society, listening carefully and responding to our clients with honesty and integrity.

Recently we were privileged to work with King’s College Hospital Charity in London to develop a campaign to promote its annual fundraising event – the Great Hospital Hike 2021. We used lively typography, dynamic graphics and positive imagery to promote this fundraiser as an enjoyable and sociable activity, and we are delighted that this event will go ahead on September 18.

Social injustice has been highlighted by Covid-19 and when we were approached by Leonard Cheshire to create a social media campaign emphasising the impact of language on disability, we applied a bold colour palette and uncompromising typography to ensure its #wordshurt message was made loud and clear.

Our collaboration with the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) – which promotes the open and accountable management of the world’s natural resources – has felt very relevant during this time when the future of the planet has been brought into sharp focus. For the EITI flagship Progress Report, which was translated into four languages, we used a blue colour palette to deliver gravitas and well-defined infographics to communicate key facts to a global audience.

Looking forward, we are excited to be working with some extraordinary organisations who have come to us for our purposeful design which delivers positive outcomes. Right now these include The Vegetarian Society, Citizens Advice, Peace Direct, the C4WS Homeless Project and St George’s Hospital Charity amongst others.

As we enter this different phase of the pandemic we would like to thank all our loyal clients for sticking with us and our new ones for finding us. We look forward to catching up with you, perhaps even in person, over the coming months.

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