Power of infographics

A well-designed infographic is persuasive and more memorable than simple text or numbers and is the best way to grab readers’ attention. It communicates complex, often numerical, information in an easy-to-digest way. 

As well as storytelling, infographics can be reused – for example on social media – and designed to encourage stakeholder engagement. 

We really enjoy applying our design skills to transform our clients’ complex information into good-looking, simple-to-understand infographics. 

Here are some examples:

World Hepatitis AllianceNOhep campaign toolkit

In this global campaign toolkit, we tell the shocking story of worldwide hepatitis infections through a series of powerful infographics, with the aim of encouraging patient organisations in many countries to support the NOhep movement. 

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation – Award in Numbers booklet

To show the positive impact of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation in figures, we created a series of vibrant, emoji-style graphics to illustrate each statistic and tagged these onto a colourful line which helps the reader navigate the booklet.

Malaria Consortium – Primary Healthcare: How it works 

In this policy document, we have used infographics and illustrations to explain complex processes and communicate goals. The results pack a punch in a way which could not be achieved with text or pictures alone. 

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