Impact Report

RMBI has been caring for older freemasons and their dependents and the wider community for over 170 years.

After many years of producing the RMBI’s Annual Review, and adhering strictly to the brand guidelines, this year our client encouraged us to bend the rules a little to deliver a fresh, dynamic looking publication.

Undertaking a rebrand is time consuming, as well as expensive, so our client’s decision to be flexible with brand guidelines was pragmatic as well as brave. The solution was to introduce a broader and more contemporary colour palette and present a new script font. These elements combined to give the report a more welcoming feel.

In this Impact Report (rather than an Annual Review) we placed particular emphasis on case studies to demonstrate RMBI successes. We dedicated a page to each including text, a large photograph and a quote. We also revamped the finance section with bespoke illustrated icons replacing charts and jazzy infographics traded for dry statistics.

By enabling us to play around with its brand guidelines, the RMBI allowed us to introduce new design approaches which livened up this important publication. The client is delighted with the result and we were happy to work with them to refresh a few rules.

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