Storytelling through Design

Covid-19 will be a defining moment in history. We won’t know the full impact but one thing’s for sure, all of us who live through it will have a story to tell.

The past few months have taught us that an event or experience told from a personal point of view has more impact; first-hand stories from individuals such as doctors, nurses and patients pack a far more powerful punch. Personal stories are just one way to embed storytelling into your communications.

Here are our 5 design tips to enhance your storytelling:

1 Begin with a brand narrative

Your brand identity is the starting point for your story. Your logo, typography, graphics, strapline and colour palette will lay the foundations of your brand and will draw your audience into your story.

Citizens Advice Annual Report 2018/19

2 Breathe life into your data

Data, charts, words and graphics all need a sprinkle of magic to bring them to life. A beautifully presented story can be a truly effective piece of marketing communication. 

Nohep Advocacy Toolkit

3 Animate your story

Illustrations and animation are excellent ways to deliver your narrative — and are particularly effective for subjects requiring a sensitive tone. Illustrations can be fun or serious, pragmatic or entertaining and can move your story on.

MS International Low Self-Esteem Animation

4 Provide a clear structure

At nim design, we format your story to improve the reader’s experience. From headings to graphics, to the treatment of photos and quotes, a well-designed page architecture creates focal points and draws readers in.

Saferworld Annual Review 2017/18

5 Prepare for the sequel…

Let your audience know what you would like to happen next. Be sure to include a call to action, whether this is a fundraising ask or simply a suggestion they stay in touch via social media.

Imperial Health Charity Impact Report 2017/18

Our story

If you would like to speak to someone at nim design about how our design techniques can help you communicate your story, give us a call on 020 8426 6888 or email us.

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