Change management, introducing Chris Michaeloudis

Nim’s Director of Development, Chris Michaeloudis, is enjoying the disruption of the digital revolution.

When I joined nim design 15 years ago it was before smartphones and social media so marketing was limited to traditional mediums like direct mail and cold calling, which was a bit one-way. Now digitalisation has transformed communications and created many different ways to interact with potential customers and this makes my role more varied and exciting.

I love being a meaningful part of a small team where we are all agreed on the same goals. For nim design this means developing and delivering services that our clients need and want and which will make their lives a little easier. It’s also about understanding the sectors our clients work in and recognising the challenges they face. And, of course, its about embracing the disruption created in the design world by the digital revolution and moving towards more integrated solutions.

Change is everywhere in design and it’s an important part of my job to be up to date on the evolving opportunities – not just for our own marketing but for our clients too. Social media has made it much easier to share our expertise and experience with clients in the form of blogs and quick guides as well as case studies and I like to think that clients appreciate being part of our conversation. I believe if you can equip clients with the latest information about their design options they will be in a position to make more informed decisions around marketing and design – which should hopefully lead them back to us.

I consider myself very lucky to be part of the nim design team; I have the opportunities I want for a fulfilling role and the flexibility I need to balance my family life. Blend that with a great team of people and the shops and cafes of Harrow on the Hill and its no surprise that I never get that Sunday night sinking feeling.

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