Why great design speaks volumes about your brand

Strong, smart design is vital to ensure your brand stands out and stands up for what your organisation believes in.


Your brand is the epitome of your organisational values. If you manage a brand, in all likelihood you have defined a brand proposition and developed messages which support it. The next step is to communicate that brand and ensure your messages are chiming loud and clear with your target audiences.

Audiences require more and more from their favourite brands. Millennials, some of whom are now approaching their late 30s, are well-known for demanding strong ethics and responsible behaviour from their preferred tech companies, retail stores and charities – and their high-standards are rubbing off on the generations either side.

Great design comes from ideas, creativity and the talent to think differently. Accessible design software can, mistakenly, persuade internal marketing directors to bring design in-house, but this is missing the point. Software doesn’t design, it’s just a tool to visualise ideas and creativity.

Bringing specialist design skills into your organisation when you need a burst of creativity is both efficient and effective. Engaging an external design agency will deliver an additional splash of flair, inventiveness and fresh thinking to your hard-working marketing team.

Here are three examples of the different ways we work with our clients to support their brands:

1. Brand refresh

Your brand needs to relate to your target audience and be sensitive to how that audience may be changing. This project with the Egypt Exploration Society was about making their brand more relevant. The new logo offers a visual identity which reaches out to new members without alienating the existing ones.

2. Smart infographics

Research shows that 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual, so infographics are a great way to convey key stats and facts in a way which reinforces your brand values.

These striking infographics created for John Lyon School condense a lot of important information onto a single page with clear and engaging design. Learn more.

3. Passionate design

From total brand development to a simple leaflet, booklet or poster, well-crafted promotional materials should underpin your brand values as well as communicating specific information.

This communication toolkit for the World Hepatitis Alliance’s global #NOhep campaign is bold and brave – just like its message.

Direct approach

At nim design our lines of communications are short and clear so you’ll be able to speak directly to our designers who are all friendly as well as very creative.

Get in touch to find out how our experience and expertise can support your brand.

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