Your image in safe hands

It is important to engage a design partner you can trust. Whether it’s your annual review, assets for a fundraising campaign, or a total brand overhaul, it’s reassuring to know that the image of your organisation is in safe hands.

So, if you choose to engage nim design, we will work through some essential steps to ensure we deliver the best results for you. Your experience will look something like this:

Step 1: Understanding your organisation icon

Step 1: Understanding your organisation

This getting-to-know-you stage is critical to a successful outcome. We’ll undertake desk research and have an introductory meeting with you and your team. Depending on the project, we might suggest focus groups and one-to-one meetings with key stakeholders to ensure we have a 360° view of your organisation. At the end of this stage we will be able to clarify the brief and agree timelines.

Step 2: Getting creative icon

Step 2: Getting creative

Equipped with all the relevant information, we will put our creative brains to work. As well as colours, fonts and imagery, we’ll consider infographics, grids and document sizes. We’ll present several design approaches for you to consider. At the end of this stage you’ll have an agreed design concept. 

Step 3: From concept to reality icon

Step 3: From concept to reality

At this point we’ll carefully apply your content to the final design concept. Next we’ll provide you with proofs which you can access online to make comments and amendments. We usually quote for two iterations but if you need more we’ll let you know of any additional costs straightaway. At the end of this stage you’ll have your design assets finalised and agreed. 

Step 4: Special delivery icon

Step 4: Special delivery

With the proofs signed off, we’ll organise the design assets to be delivered to you in the format you need. This might be digital files or print-ready PDFs or a combination of both. At the end of this stage you’ll be ready to share your designs with your audiences.

Step 5: Call for back up icon

Step 5: Call for back up

Don’t worry if you need a bit of additional support. If you have any questions or concerns about your finished project, just pick up the phone or email, and we’ll do our best to assist you. At the end of this stage we are usually all firm friends and ready to celebrate with a drink!

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