3 design trends which mirror our mood

The last year has brought its fair share of challenges, but it’s also given us time to pause, reflect and appreciate. Now, as we look forward to a brighter and more hopeful spring, design trends are more likely to mirror our state of mind. We’ve picked our three favourite trends.

1. Nature-inspired design

Going for a walk and appreciating the natural world has become our go-to entertainment, for almost a year. This new appreciation of the natural world will be reflected in design with softer, natural graphics featuring flowing lines and calming tones, as seen in these acoustic products by AllSfär.

2. Rule-breaking typography

Having lived with so many new rules recently, expect to see some broken – where it is safe to do so. Mixed-up text and misaligned fonts in a variety of shapes and sizes will deliver a welcome element of fun to our otherwise ordered world.

3. Soothing colours

Reflecting a need for harmony and togetherness, colours will come in soothing palettes to improve our moods. These may be tones of the same colour, even blacks and greys, or subtle colours to evoke warmness, freshness, happiness or hope.

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