Annual Report hurdles – Gathering content

Project managing an Annual Report can feel like a never ending series of hurdles. From gathering content to agreeing a design, sourcing imagery and making sense of the finances, overseeing this process is a huge undertaking.

Our experience on more than 100 Annual Reports has taught us to ‘keep calm and carry on’ whatever the challenge and we support our clients every step of the way – even when they need to take a holiday!

Over the next couple of months, we’ll be sharing what we’ve learned in this evolving blog. We hope it will help both novice and experienced managers clear these Annual Report hurdles, with confidence.

Gathering Content

Developing relevant and engaging content for your Annual Report is critical to its success but time and time again we see projects derailed by the difficulties faced by project managers tasked with collecting content from multiple sources.

Making sure content from many different contributors reinforces your organisational key messages and underpins any specific themes is challenging. Equally, ensuring each piece of copy addresses your audience with relatable language and a suitable tone of voice can be difficult to achieve.

To help you clear this first hurdle, we recommend providing your contributors with a coherent copy brief which offers direction on style and tone as well as messaging.

For more useful tips and advice about managing Annual Report content you can download our full guide – “Writing An Inspiring Annual Report”.

Next hurdle coming up: Finding a design partner

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