Chris Bowers

I worked with Nim Design in 2017 on a project in the NGO sector. As the experience was a good one, and I had seen their range of work in the political/campaigning/NGO sector, it was the obvious move to go back to Nim when I embarked on a private political project in 2021.

The most revealing part was when we hit an impasse at the design stage. Nim came up with two designs for the cover, but I wasn’t happy. They then came up with two more, but still they weren’t what we were hoping for. I was beginning to wonder whether we were being too picky, and whether I should just accept one of the designs because I couldn’t go on endlessly saying “No, it doesn’t feel right.” But Lim and Miguel were insistent that we needed to be content with the design, so they asked us more questions about what we wanted, and ploughed on.

The result was a cover we were very happy with, and it is additionally satisfying given that we had to work through the impasse. The way Nim tackled this blockage in the creative process really impressed me, because it would have been so easy for both sides to settle for something less than what we ultimately wanted.

I would happily recommend anyone in the campaigning, political or NGO sectors who is working on a publication to talk to Lim and Miguel. Nim Design may not be right for everyone, but they were very professional, user-friendly, and certainly the right design company for our project.

Chris Bowers, Lead author ‘The New Liberal Manifesto’

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