Top 3 tips on design

A few weeks ago, I shared my thoughts on how businesses can learn a thing or two from charities about design. To follow on from this I have put together the top 3 tips below. 

Tip 1 – Tone of voice

This is a great way for businesses to show their human side. It’s about talking openly and honestly and cutting out corporate jargon. A friendly tone of voice makes people want to engage more with the organisation.

Tip 2 – Imagery

People resonate more with images, infographics or diagrams. In today’s day and age everyone is time poor and although words are important, images are attention grabbers – as they say a picture tells a thousand words! 

Tip 3 – Fonts 

Using fonts creatively is key. Highlight the different sections with fonts of differing sizes and weights. This will help the reader to pick up key information quickly.

I hope you found these tips useful. Watch this space as I will be sharing some more tips very soon. If you missed my last blog here’s the link.

Parminder Kalsi, Marketing Manager.  

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