Traditions, technology and the human touch

Happy New Year 2024

We’re back, full of energy, inspiration and enthusiasm!

My holiday in Mexico was fun and I very much enjoyed the arts and museums this country has to offer, in particular the Soumaya Museum in Mexico City. This awe-inspiring building is a landmark destination holding world-famous works by Rodin and Degas. The story of the business mogul who set up this not-for-profit cultural institution to enrich the lives of visitors through art, resonates with me. My colleague Miguel also had a great time in Portugal, relaxing and eating home-made traditional delicacies with family and friends.

Museo Soumaya, Mexico City
Rancho, a traditional Portuguese dish
Rua das Flores in Porto, Portugal
Blue tiles in Puebla, Mexico

I am fascinated by traditions – whether they are artistic or culinary – and what keeps them alive. I feel the strongest traditions are those that we’re allowed to reshape, while respecting their roots and appreciating their evolution. For example, in Puebla, one of Mexico’s biggest cities, the centuries-old tradition of azulejos (blue tiles) is constantly reinterpreted and adapted to modern environments, including museum terraces or ‘video-mapping’ shows.

At nim design, our ambition for 2024 is to reshape our clients’ brands so they remain relevant and up-to-date. We will build on their foundations using technology and ingenuity to demonstrate their resilience and growth potential.  

As to technology, developments abound in our field and AI is one of the most talked-about. Even though AI may well be intelligent, we feel it can also be artificial. Clients often tell us they want a human touch to their brand and graphic materials to set them apart in a competitive environment. While AI excels at aggregating information and extracting patterns from data, clients like ours need bespoke designs that convey warmth and humanity. This is what we promise you for 2024 and beyond. We wish you a successful year ahead and look forward to fruitful collaborations!

Lim Khaw, design lead
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