Power of colour

Colour has the power to brighten up our lives. How we use colour can change our emotions and engage us in a variety of ways.

Used effectively, colour can reinforce your brand, both attracting and inspiring your audience and highlighting key messages. In fact, by identifying a colour palette which reflects your organisational values, we can generate designs that evoke a powerful response from your stakeholders.

We align our clients’ brand colours creatively to ensure they stand out from the crowd. Take a look at these examples of colourful work for some of our clients.

AllSfär – Product catalogue 

For this cool product design company, we chose bold colours to reflect the culture and personality of this contemporary brand.

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Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution – Newsletter

To keep communications fresh and engaging for this mature audience we introduced a range of lively colours to supplement the original brand palette.

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Certitude – Annual Review 

Vibrant pinks, blues and greens bring zest and vitality to this Annual Review for social care provider, Certitude.

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